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Olympian visits Golden Valley School in Val-d’Or

Olympic gold medalist Kim St-Pierre visited students at the English- language Golden Valley School in Val-d'Or last May. The former goaltender of Canada’s national women’s hockey team told them how to stay active through the Build Our Kids’ Success (BOKS) program.

Golden Valley School has participated for past two years in Fitness Reebok Canada Foundation's program, which aims to prepare children for success while staying active by using a free physical activity program that has spread to schools across Canada. The BOKS program helps children meet the daily 60 minutes of physical activity recommended by physicians.
With the success of the program’s second year at Golden Valley, Kim St-Pierre felt it was important to come and directly thank school’s students and the sta .

"The school is super active, they put a lot of time and energy on children and it's really a success. For me it is important to come to thank them today, to meet them and come to encourage them," said the three-time Olympic gold medalist.

Ms. St-Pierre shared her fascinating personal story on finding success despite her early struggles playing hockey as girl in a boy’s league. She also recounted how she stayed positive even after beingcut during tryouts at Team Quebec.

“Always stay positive! I was surprised when Team Canada called and asked me to be their goalie. I thought they got the wrong person,” she joked.
Jennifer Stacey, a physical education teacher at Golden Valley and a BOKS program trainer at the school, shared her passion for getting kids more active.

“Today's youth are much more sedentary than ever and we at Golden valley have taken it upon ourselves to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Every day from Grade 2 and up, we have an active sports period to assure that the students in our school meet the Canadian Fitness Standards,” said Ms. Stacey.

“I am proud to say that over 90 students in our school participate and we have developed a youth leadership program where our high school students lead a di erent group daily,” she added.
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